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I will organize a group of experts to carry out the "Top ten beautiful villages in the Central Plains" evaluation and investigation work - the third stop

Release time: 2023-06-01

2023年5月20th - 21st, RiverWang Feng, Zhang Dong, Dyke, Tian Xiaoliang, He Xiaoshuai and others of the "Top Ten Beautiful Villages in Central China" evaluation group of Civil Engineering and Architecture Society of Southern China entered Peicheng Village, Yancheng District, Luohe City, Daxing Village, Suiping County, Zhumadian City, and Dingliwan Village, Xinyang City to carry out evaluation and investigation work。

The delegation arrived at the historic village of Baesong on the morning of July 20。The leader of Peicheng village led the delegation to visit the current situation of the village and supporting facilities。


Peicheng village is close to the southern side of the provincial road Luojie Road, because of the surname of the Tang Dynasty Prime minister Peidu。Peicheng Village has a long history and rich cultural heritage, and there are many ancient buildings in the village. Some houses of more than 30 ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties are still well preserved. In 2013, Peicheng Village was designated as the first batch of Chinese traditional villages by the state。

Village leaders led everyone to visit the Peicheng school "Pei-Jin Temple monument";"Charringhe Stone Arch Bridge" built in the early Tang Dynasty,In ancient times, the bridge was the meeting point of the east-west, north-south official road;The relatively well-preserved ancient houses "Peng Family Compound", "He family compound" and so on;The former residence of General Su Jin;It also tells us about the folk art of more than 500 years' history.。After many years of efforts by the village leaders, Peicheng Village has become a tourist village integrating red education and traditional culture。


The delegation arrived at Daxing Village on the afternoon of December 20。Daxing village leaders led the delegation to visit the village's current features and supporting facilities。

       Village History Museum: including Daxing village ancient town style, painting and calligraphy culture, characteristic culture and characteristic industry, honor wall, good villagers, rural revitalization, farming culture eight plates。
       Daxing Village Academy: The famous landscape painter Yang Liuyi donated the Daxing Village Academy in his hometown. The academy displays the calligraphy and painting works of Yang Liuyi and others, so that villagers can see paintings from all over the country at their doorsteps。
       High-standard farmland: "Leading farmers to farm with science and technology" 6,000 mu of high-standard farmland in Daxing can be remotely controlled by mobile phones to achieve one-key sprinkler irrigation and fully intelligent irrigation。
       Beef cattle breeding base: The introduction of circular agriculture allows 600 or 700 cattle to be easily fed by 3 people, coupled with the advanced technology of mobile 5G, which allows real-time monitoring of cattle farms by mobile phones。

       The overall planning of Daxing Village is reasonable, the village appearance is clean, the supporting facilities are perfect, the industry is prosperous, and it is getting better and better under the leadership of local leaders。


On the morning of the 21st, the delegation arrived at Dingliwan Village, which is ancient and scenic。The leader of Dingliwan Village led the delegation to visit the current situation of the village and supporting facilities。

Dingliwan Village is located in Balifan Town, Xinxian, in the hinterland of Dabie Mountains. It was built in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties。Dingliwan Village is one of the first Chinese traditional villages and was also awarded the title of "Chinese Landscape Village"。In 2019, it was included in the list of "the first batch of National Rural Tourism Key villages"。

Looking to the north from the pond in the south of the village, you can see five big gatehouses lined up, with black bricks, white walls and high eaves。The pond in front of the village is in the shape of a crescent, with the center of the circle towards the residential areas。All kinds of gatehouses, back house, brick carving, stone carving, wood carving can also be seen everywhere, there are dragons, phoeniths, peony, etc., meaning different, fine carving, sophisticated。The lane is not only narrow, but also tortuous, leaving rain gutters and drains on both sides。The road is paved with stone and SLATE, in addition, whether it is from the big gate in the pond or the gate in the lane, there are several small gates inside, which is called "a ring set a ring" in the local area, which can prevent outsiders from intruding。


Dingliwan's agricultural industry is shrinking because of a labor shortage caused by an aging population and young people moving out to work。In recent years, through the introduction of tourism, the development of characteristic planting and breeding, and the strengthening of environmental governance,Dingliwan Village gradually radiates new vitality and vitality,It has become a shining pearl in Xinyang New County,It has become a traditional village and beautiful rural scenic spot,Attracting more and more tourists to come for sightseeing,It is a good place to experience the native land and homesick life。

Next, the expert group will continue to visit the site in person, in-depth understanding of the "Ten best Central Plains beautiful countryside" election project evaluation and investigation work。It is reported that the 2023 Central Plains Rural Revitalization Planning and Design Summit Forum will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 3 to 5, when the "Top ten Central Plains Beautiful Countryside" selection results will be announced and awarded。

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